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Blue Sugar Skull Ice by artist Liliane Avalos / ARTxLA

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Tattoo artist Liliane Avalos

"Every artist was first an amateur." -R.W. Emerson

In grade school I got in trouble often for drawing on myself and my friends. Fast forward to present time I still haven't stopped. Except now I am able to support myself doing what I love. Funny how my "mischief" led me to a creative trade that allows me to express myself on a living human canvas.

As a self-taught tattoo artist I get to challenge myself and embrace the process.

But more so, I've been blessed with the experience of tattooing some of my closest friends first tattoos. Including my mom! ♡

Bali, Indonesia

Hana's first tattoos, July 2021

Her Zodiac, Cancer crab with her birth flower. We will continue to add on to her large ornamental back tattoo.

Puri Wibowo's first tattoo, September 2021

He is a Gemini and and fish enthusiast. He wanted his tattoo to symbolize luck, so we decided on two Koi fish. He also wanted his tattoo to reflect our friendship and my heritage. So I designed a "Day of the Dead" inspired sugar skull face for his Koi fish tattoo.

Dubai, UAE

Bear Garcia, January 2022 red question mark tattoo. This tattoo is a memorial tattoo for a friend of his who had just passed away. The red question mark was his friends logo. Bear and his friends all got the same tattoo done in remembrance of him.

South Texas, USA

Amanda's first tattoo, July 2022

Pervious to doing that tattoo for her I had in my mind that Amanda already had serval tattoos. As I was preparing my work station for her she let me know that I was about to be her first tattoo artist. SO happy it worked out that way. This large rose will also be a piece that we will continue to build on with custom original art.

J's first tattoos, July 2022

Cupid with an AK47 is an original design I created in 2018 while living in Bali, Indonesia. The cupid is a character from the art piece "Protect Her". When J told me that this is what he wanted tattooed, I was beyond excited. Working in this way is how I wish to continue on forward. As I continue to create more original artwork I hope that more clients request from my existing style with minimal to zero requests to changing what already exists. A big thank you again to J for appreciating my work.

Personally, Cupids little booty cheeks is my favorite part of this piece. Hehehe

Daniel Y, July 2022

Ableton Live logo

Perla, July 2022


My mom's first tattoo! July 2022

We had often lightly spoke of getting tattoos together growing up. She would tell me that we'd get our first tattoos together. I kindda ruined that one when I got my first tattoo without her consent at the age of fifteen, haha. But I think this experience was way better! Her favorite flower done by her favorite daughter! 🤫 (sorry sis! 😂)

Seattle, Washington, USA

"Tú eres mi sol, mi único sol", October 2022

I really love how this fine line script came out. I only had time to do one tattoo while in Washington, but I'll be back.

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Liliane Avalos studio in Bali, Indonesia | ARTxLA

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