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Breast Cancer Awareness Gala and Artistry: Liliane Avalos' Art Donation in Weslaco, Texas

Updated: Jan 3

October 2023, I was excited to be a part of Advanced Urgent Cares, second annual Breast Cancer Awareness Gala at the Palacio De Destinee, where I had the privilege of donating a hand-signed canvas art print. This event meant so much to me, not just as an artist but as someone who understands the profound impact of breast cancer on families. My own grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer. Her life journey, resilience, and love has been an ongoing source of inspiration for my art work.

Karla Saenz and Liliane Avalos October 2023

Karla Saenz and her husband, Dr. Jorge Saenz, hosts and organizers, graciously invited me to the event, their warm hospitality and motivation for strengthening our Latino community in South Texas made it all the more special.

My artwork, "God is in the Palm Trees", was a small contribution to the cause. It was a way for me to honor my grandmothers experience, to celebrate the survivors, and to remember those we have lost. I believe that art has the power to inspire and bring people together, and this event did just that—reminding us all of the importance of supporting breast cancer awareness and research. My hope is that through art, we can create a world where no family has to endure the pain of this disease. All proceeds went to a local organization "Faithful Warriors" Breast Cancer & Support Group.

Artist Liliane Avalos and Rocky G winner of the silent art auction

Rocky G, the owner of Krisp Gallery, a dedicated art collector, and close friend, emerged as the triumphant bidder in the silent art auction for "God is in the Palm Trees." His support for the arts and his enthusiasm for my work has always been uplifting. It was a special moment, knowing that another one of my artworks would find a cherished place in his collection. Rocky's gesture not only brought a sense of accomplishment but also reinforced the vital role of the art community in advancing noble causes such as breast cancer awareness. His generous spirit and commitment to art's transformative power elevated the evening's significance.

Artist Liliane Avalos and Rocky G winner of "God is in the Palm Trees"

Artist Liliane Avalos and Rocky G winner of "God is in the Palm Trees"

Brain "Tazroc" Garcia", Liliane Avalos, Eric F, Rocky G Oct 2023

"God is in the Palm Trees", 18x24in, canvas art print

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