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South Texas Native

Mexican - American Heritage



professional headshot portrait of artist Liliane Avalos



Liliane's artistic journey is founded on the conviction that life experiences are potent expressions and transformative catalysts, shaping individuals into their present and aspirational selves. Drawing inspiration from a diverse spectrum, encompassing traditional Mexican folk art, macabre humor, pop culture, TexMex childhood nostalgia, tattoo culture, street art, and humanity's relationship with nature and culture, Liliane's work is a tapestry of varied influences.

At the heart of her artistic exploration lie the themes of memento mori, inviting contemplation on mortality, love, and consciousness. Liliane derives solace from the poetic conveyance of these intricate and, at times, challenging concepts through symbols and color vibrations. Her art weaves these elements into a body of work that embodies her theories, serving as an enigmatic autobiography.

Liliane's art seeks to stir emotions, provoke contemplation, and beckon viewers to delve into their own interpretations. Her work thrives on the interplay between profound ideas and the artistic lexicon of symbols, offering a nuanced, multilayered experience that resonates on a deeply personal level with the audience.

Liliane Avalos is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a passion for exploring various mediums, including acrylic and watercolor paintings, print making, and murals. Born and raised in South Texas, Liliane has always harbored a desire to expand her horizons beyond the Rio Grande Valley. Since 2018, she has embraced the life of an international nomadic artist, creating captivating works wherever her journeys take her.

Through her extensive travels, Liliane has cultivated a profound admiration for the rich traditions and values of diverse cultures. This exposure has kindled a deep sense of self-love for her own heritage and upbringing. Immersed in different communities, engaging in conversations, forging friendships, and living amongst people of varied cultures, religions, and environments, she has gained firsthand insights and understanding. From living in Bali, Indonesia, Dubai, UAE, and Hawaii, to exploring Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Japan, each country has left an indelible mark on Liliane's identity as a sun-kissed Mexican American woman, proud of her roots in South Texas.

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