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Creating Lush Green Layers: Jungle Mural on Maui, Hawaii

Updated: Jan 3

"Bring the Outside In" (May 2023)

Size: 8x8ft (64 sq.ft.)

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Artist Statement: In the land of Maui, where emerald dreams unfurled,

I found myself immersed in nature's living pearl. The lush green foliage whispered tales, palm trees swayed in harmonious grace, while fragrant flowers bloomed with a fragrant embrace. As golden sunbeams adorned each leaf and tress. The landscape sang in vibrant shades of green, where mountains touched the heavens, unseen.

As an artist, I was beckoned by this paradise, where vibrant green hues danced beneath the azure skies. Inspired by the symphony of earth, water, and air, I attempted to capture its essence and beauty with thoughtfulness into a visual song.

From South Texas to Bali's distant shore, I roamed the world, seeking nature's core.

I have now found myself here on the island of Maui Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where beauty and serenity seep.

Upon a wall, I painted a private residential mural for my friend Becca. With brush in hand, I wove an intricate tapestry of color with lush pigments.

Within this mural I painted the ferns, shyly unfurling and the majestic heliconias standing, tall timeless in their space.

A symphony of colors, from jade to lime adorn the mural.

In the early mornings sunlight greets the mural, gently awakening its vibrancy, two spirits found in one place. The mural breathes, it has come to life.

Through this artwork, my soul shall forever be united in the awe of Maui's majesty. A reminder of the beauty gifted from above.

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