why I created sugar skull ice cream characters

First of all, who doesn't enjoy ice cream on a hot day? I've never been particularly a big fan of sweets but after living in Bali for almost two years now, this intense heat by the equator always makes eating something cold sound like a good idea.

I've always wanted to create a series of original characters, but could never envision an entertaining and unembellished story line for them. This thought always ran through my mind and I just couldn't catch a single fleeting concept that I personally deemed worthy. Until one day of aimless digital doodling a crud sketch of a melting skull, it was definitely my mood to say the least. After getting home from riding around Canggu and Kerobokan in traffic at peak sun hours on the motorbike, I was definitely melting my face off.

I never intended for the initial doodle to develop in the way that it has. But it was pretty easy to get caught up in the emotional connection I was feeling with the cartoon facial expressions, stylized melting drips, flavors of each ice cream, and the limitless variations of sugar skull designs I could create.

These sugar skull ice cream cone characters personalities and narrative hit me in an unexpected eureka type moment and I'm pretty happy that it did. Upon completion I sent the finished designs to my forever muse, my little sister, her excitement for them solidified my heart. They were sister approved, my mission was complete, or so I thought. Her request along with other friends and family telling me that they would love to wear them as T's, hoodies, etc. lit a fire under my ass to finally push myself to build my own personal LA ART online store.Which I'm stoked to share with you that I will be launching within the next two weeks.

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LA ART will offer free shipping to the USA along with USPS tracking. Our website is McAfee secured to insure that all payment transactions are safe. Customers will be able to use all major credit cards and or Paypal to make any purchases on the LA ART store.

In between building the online store I took some time to explore the sugar skull cone characters on different mediums. I painted a mural of the Orange Mexican Ice cream in Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia across from the Gate 88 co-working space. My intention is to continue painting murals of my sugar skull characters around Bali and during my travels.

I also painted a jean jacket as a surprise late birthday gift for Miss Sassy, the daughter of a good friend of ours. I'm so happy she loves it, they tell me she falls asleep in it.

We're only two months into 2020 and I'm feeling optimistic about the line-up of projects I have a head of me. If you'd like to support and get an inside look on the action check out and join my Patreon. I'll be updating the rewards to bigger and better things. As the page grows so will I as an artist.

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