Artist Liliane Avalos paints "La Diabla" portrait mural in Bali, Indonesia

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

It’s been a long time coming but I finally came around to completing my first portrait mural. I thought it would be appropriate to take some time to properly thank Brian “Tazroc” Garcia for guiding me through the process and share a bit about my personal experience.

Although painting portraits is nothing new to me, learning how to execute an entire painting with only spray can at this scale was. In early 2020 Taz' son, Emmanuel Garcia came Bali, Indonesia for the first time. Not only was his intention to catch up with his dad but also to take this time and opportunity to learn from the graffiti master himself.

To kill two birds with one stone, I suggested we paint in this abandoned building in Sanur, Bali. I’ve had my eye on this location for awhile now, hehe. It was the perfect location where we could paint in private from the public with zero distractions.

Emmanuel decided on an image of a Balinese woman and I committed to an image of my Leo twin/ long time friend Amanda Marie. The photo I referenced was one from a set of photos I had asked Amanda to send me. I loved her Halloween look and was excited to paint it. I don't think I ever told her what my plans were for the photos, haha, creep. But with no questions asked I'm sure she figured I'd used it for my art somewhere down the line.

Right off the bat, Emmanuel had alot better can control since he has a some experience having painted on jobs before with his dad.

Where as I on the other hand with zero to little experience with a spray can was just forcing myself to push through my learning curve pains.

Even though I was trying my best to stay in a chill mindset and “just have fun” with it, nah, Taz could see my evident frustration. Mah bad! Not wanting to kill anyones positive work vibe I just stfu and stayed focused. Por qué aqui no hay fallo!

In my own private studio practice it's always just been me. Working alone on my art, failing and figuring it out on my own. I've always enjoyed working this way and still do. But here I am now with my partner, Tazroc. I've always loved and respected his dedication and skill to his own art. I know it's taken him a lifetime to get to the level where he's at today.

I have watched him work on his murals during our years together and he's always made it looks so easy! Even though I was just starting out with a spray can, learning real techniques, I was being pretty hard on myself. Only because I've been so used to certain things in my art come naturally to me. In short, I had to make this shit look good, at least to me!

Artist Liliane Avalos working on "La Diabla" in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia 2021 | ARTxLA

Emmanuel finished his mural way before I did. It came out legit, smooth transitions, clean lines, sharp enough to make his papa proud! Haha ;D Since Emmanuel was on a time crunch and had to fly back to the USA sooner Taz taught him more speed efficient painting techniques.

Oppositely, where I had more time to fine tune and finesse with it.

A few personal takeaways of mine are:

  1. I really gotta work on my circles!

  2. Always bring enough snacks.

  3. & Currently, my signature sucks. Haha

In the end.

It was totally worth the initial frustrations and I’m pretty satisfied with the final result! I'm sure I'll look back at this mural in 5 years time and think to myself, "Damn, you really thought that was good?"

Thank you Taz for the priceless gift of shared knowledge. It is something that I’ll be forever be grateful for!

With this new found understanding and skillset there only one thing left to do...

Keep busting out more art!

"La Diabla" (portrait of Amanda Marie), Bali, Indonesia, August 2021 | ARTxLA

"La Diabla" (portrait of Amanda Marie), Bali, Indonesia, August 2021 | ARTxLA

Thank you again Taz, love you!

& See you on the next wall Emmanuel!

- LA


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