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Image by Bryan Garces
Liliane Avalos painting in studio ARTxLA

Recommendations for artist

Throughout my years as an artist I have experimented with many art materials and brands. Needless to say I have come to learn the hard way on what I really don't like. Here on this new page I've created for fellow artists you will find some of my personal all time favorites that I highly recommend to any artist at any level. Shop my featured recommendations for professional grade art supplies as well as some best deals on Amazon to help you get started and just have fun.

LA's nostalgic recommendations 

Although the quality of your art supplies is very important and definitely does matter, what is more important is the artist behind them. As a kid my parents and family members would always gift me art supplies for Christmas or birthday. To this day there's nothing that makes me feel more complete. Experimentation and play are key building blocks for any artist but sometimes it's hard to know where to get started. Here you will find some of my nostalgic recommendations

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