Frequently asked questions

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Weslaco, TX, USA

When did you start making art?

I've been making art for as long as I can remember. From the moment I was capable holding anything that makes a mark, I've been making art. From drawing with sticks in the dirt to sneakly tagging my grandmothers living room walls and furniture with permanent marker. I made art for my family and friends throughout grade school. Friend of mine would even "hire me" to complete their school class projects, nevermind it being "cheating" on their end. I happliy took on the work, haha. Fast forward to high school graduation in 2008, this is when I decied to pursue my art "professionally"...

How much do you charge for a painting/digital illustration/art mural?

Starting price for a physical painting at any size, medium, or surface is $800 Starting price for digital illustration, logo/graphic design, or tattoo is $250 Starting price for an art mural ( not including materials and accomodations) is $800 Please send me an email and we can discuss details.

How long does it take you to complete a commissioned work of art?

I'm pretty good at meeting realistic deadlines. The sooner I get started on the project, the more time I have, the better. I don't like to work rushed as it may result in mediocre artwork that I personally won't be satisfied with. Approximate time frame for each:

  • Paintings, acrylic, watercolor, etc. minimum 3-4 months.
  • Digital illustration, logos, tattoo, etc. minimum 1 month
  • Art murals, depending on size, complexity, and elements minimum 1-3 weeks.
I always communicate with my clients throughout the process as a way to keep them posted on updates with progress unless they note otherwise.

How do I pay you for original art or private comissioned work?

There are three payment platforms that I use most often. Any one of these methods will work just fine.

  • Paypal +1% for processing fee
  • Venmo +1% for processing fee
  • Cashapp + $6 for processing fee

Do you ever turn down private commissions?

Yes, of course. If I feel that the idea or theme does not fit who I am as an artist or person I will turn work down. I also will not accept requests for:

  • replicas of other artists works ( living or deceased)
  • blurry low-resolution photos/references
  • sports
Please email me and we'll figure it out together.

My question wasn't answered. May I contact you?

If your question has not been answered above, you are welcome to use our contact form. This helps me know what to write about and which questions to prioritise. I will do my best to reply to you asap. Thank you!

Do you do payment plans?

Yes, I sure do. I understand that purchasing art is a personal investment and I am happy to help assist you in acquiring an original work of art by me.

  • For original art, we can create any type of payment plan that best suits you. Upon final payment I will ship, personally deliver, or be made available for you to pick-up the artwork.
    • Artwork price does not include packing materials, shipping, and handeling.
    • Shipping insurance is additional and optional but highly recommeded.
  • For commissioned art ( paintings, digital, murals)
    • I asked for 50% nonrefundable deposit and the 50% remainder upon completion.
    • Please note that I will not begin any design process without a deposit

Does free shipping apply to original artwork?

No, sorry. Shipping for original artwork is not included in the whole price listed on the website. The total cost per original artwork may vary dependent on its size, weight, final destination, and method of shipping. Although insurance is optional, it is highly recommended. Cost of shipping should be paid in full before proceeding with ordering custom crate packaging for framed paintings, breakable items, etc. Please email me and I will happily walk you through this process.

Where can I see your artwork in person?

You can see some of my paintings at Krisp Gallery in Weslaco, TX. All artwork exhibiting at Krisp is available for sell. If there's a particular painting you'd like to view please email me. art.lilianeavalos@gmail.com

Where is the artwork shipping out from?

I currently reside in Bali, Indonesia, SE Asia. All original/ commissioned artwork will ship out from here via DHL. Once I have received final payment upon completion I will personally pack and ship out the artwork immediately. You will then receive a tracking number for your order via text message or email.
On average, artwork being shipped out by air usually takes up to 7 days.
If by cargo 🚢, the expected delivery time may vary anywhere between 2-3 weeks.



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