No Frame

Liliane A. Avalos, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She earned her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting and sculpture at the University of Texas State at San Marcos in Fall 2012.

She currently resides in Austin, Tx where she continues her studio practice as a working artist.


526+ species of birds

325+ species of butterflies

Endangered:(Leopardus pardalis) Ocelot

No Frame

Liliane Avalos is able to convey her personal life narrative through recurring themes in her work. Nostalgia, Death, Love, Family, Natural History, Personal Relationships, Sex, and the Mundane.

She subtlety approaches social and ethical issues with a feminine and dark sense of humor. Her Mexican-American heritage and collaged elements are all personal perceptions and deceptions of her observations and interactions.

L. Avalos identifies with the absurdities of gender roles and sex appeal with a masculine and feminine gaze. As a consequence of conceptual investigations she is able to convey her inner surreal and romanticized dogma with no apologies.



"The only thing constant in this world is change"

NO medium is off limits, Being flexible and conveying a concept in the most effective medium is key. As an artist who is stimulated by the mundane I could never find myself satisfied to the confines of one approach or technique.

Paintings are primarily done in acrylic & watercolor on canvas, wood panel, paper and other experimental surfaces.

Sculptures are done with various paper Mache techniques, diverse sculpting clays, and found objects.

Digital Media photography & abstracted video narratives

Performance using my physical body & or others, as a instrument to paint, sculpt, perform , & figure model






Liliane A. Avalos